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Hire Harlem is a community, and as such, we need your feedback to grow. Please let us know (1) if there are more businesses we should add to our map/database (2) if there are more businesses we should feature on our "For Our Community" page or (3) you want to connect us to another organization. Or just reach out and say Hi! 


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Jordan Stockdale, Founder

Jordan is a long-time educator and former Harlem Special Education Teacher. For the last 3 years, he's worked on education and juvenile justice policies for the Mayor. Jordan served as a Fulbright Scholar, and is currently finishing his second Master's at Princeton University.              

                                                                    Nicole Javanna Johnson, Director of Communication

Nicole is a NY based community organizer and Founder & Creative Director of M.O.V.E., a non-profit 501c3 organization that provides participants with resources to creatively address social issues. Via her non-profit organization, Nicole designs and administers practical learning and civic education after school programs for students ages 6-18 nation wide.

Kenneth Miles, Director of Partnerships

Born in Harlem, with family ties to the uptown community, Ken Miles is a social impact entrepreneur with a focus on community organizing, and a background in digital media and advertising. He maintains a personal and professional connection to Harlem, with a strong desire to continue to cultivate the diversity and genius this community has had for decades.  Ken was appointed to join Manhattan’s Community Board 9 (West Harlem) where he now serves.  

                                                                    Alex Ocampo, Director of Technology

Alex currently works at IBM Watson with a focus on bringing innovative solutions to market.  He believes in the power of technology to positively change lives, and the importance of ensuring that this change happens equitably. As a new member to the Harlem community by way of Chicago, Alex wants to ensure that he is actively working to preserve and enhance the rich cultural history of Harlem.


Aysha Schomburg, Advisor

Aysha E. Schomburg, Esq., is the great granddaughter of Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, the founder of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, located in heart of Harlem. She is excited to support the mission of Hire Harlem. 


                                                                        Phillip Ellison, Advisor

As a former educator, politico, and, current education tech entrepreneur, Phillip understands the process of bringing a product/tool to market for social good. In the 1990s, he grew up going to church in Harlem after the 1980s crack epidemic. He also witnessed the onset of gentrification in Harlem since the turn of the century. As a concerned community member, he supports the holistic strategy of Hire Harlem.

Gary Johnson, Advisor

Gary Johnson is a New York native, raised in East Harlem by a family of dedicated civil servants. Gary has spent over seven years working in NYC local government to progress economic development policies, programs and services aimed to support New Yorkers from all backgrounds.