Tsion Cafe

Owner:  Beejhy Barhany

What does it mean to be a part of the Harlem community?

I’ve been living in Harlem for the last 18 years. We’ve seen lots of changes in the community…We want to make sure we retain our culture, while bringing something healthy, wholesome and organic to the community.

This restaurant was Jimmy’s Chicken Shack—where Malcolm X and Red Fox met while working. It’s where Charlie Parker washed dishes and was inspired by listening to the ingenious of Art Tatum. 

We want to help revive the renaissance of Harlem by showcasing local art, poetry and music. That is how we retain the culture of Jimmy’s Chicken Shack. We also have a mural of Red Foxx and Malcolm X in the restaurant and we have a library of black books—many about Malcolm.

How else do you give back to the community?

We invite students from local elementary to come to our restaurant and learn about Ethiopia and our food.  We’ve sponsored a few community events and took part in Harlem Eats.

For more info: http://tsioncafe.com/