B2 Harlem


                                                                                                                                                          Owner: Adriane Ferguson

HH: What does it mean to be a business owner in the Harlem community?

AF: I was born and raised a Harlemite, so it means a great deal to be a part of the community—from the beginning of my actual business career. It’s like full circle. I live in my community, operate in it, and hire from it. So I feel a sense of great accomplishment in doing that.

HH: How does B2 give back to the community?

AF: We give back in a couple of ways. We’ve really tried to hire people within the community. We believe people shouldn’t have to leave our community to work and be employed. We also work with several Harlem-based not-for profits to give back …mostly organizations that offer mental welfare and health supports.

We’ve worked with organizations like IRIS House (a Harlem-based group that provides comprehensive support to women, families and under served populations affected by HIV/AIDS). We just did an event with BMW where we raised $10,000 to help and assist women and children who are HIV positive. Of course there are a whole stream of other flagship organizations that help in combating the HIV virus, but we wanted to work with IRIS House in particular because they work with women and children.

We’ve also worked with Harlem United and have worked with the City to distribute condoms to those who need it. We’ve had teenagers come in and ask for condoms. And I said, “please, take a lot. Haha” So those are just some of the organizations we’ve worked with to give back.

B2 Harlem has also provided internships to youth that have lead to full-time jobs.

For more info: https://www.b2harlem.com/