Harlem Natural Hair Salon

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In January of 2016, Paula Broadwater opened Harlem Natural Hair Salon on St. Nicholas between 147th and 148th st. HireHarlem.com sat down with Paula to learn more about the salon's mission and her plans to give back to the community through education and volunteer services.                                                                                                                                                       
What is the mission of Harlem Natural Hair Salon?

Our goal is to create an environment that is open to men, women and children. We primarily focus on natural hair and we want our clients to be able to take care of their hair while experiencing hair styles that do not require chemical straightening. 

What does it mean to be part of the Harlem community?

Harlem is a black Mecca and has been considered such since the 1920's. The community is filled with people of African descent who are reclaiming their identity by wearing their hair the way that it naturally grows. It's very important for us to be here in the community of our people so that we can continue to encourage them to wear their hair naturally with pride.

How is the salon giving back to the community? 

In the past year our staff has volunteered their services to young women from an alternative high school. We get them prepared for prom season for free and provide them with natural hair styles for special occasions and everyday wear. We are also looking forward to offering the space to community organizers for charitable events. Outside of our daily hair care service, we use the space to host free forums that help people take care of their natural hair. 

We also know that sometimes people cannot afford to get their hair done and they choose to do it on their own. With our free forums, Harlem Natural Hairseeks to provide Harlem residents with the guidance and techniques necessary to properly manager their own hair.