Harlem Doggie Day Spa

Owner: Brian Taylor

HH: How do you help the community?

BT: We have a comprehensive training program for interns and we try to hire them for full-time jobs. We work with a lot of at-risk kids, and also summer youth programs--El Barrio, Henry Street, etc.

They come in, we teach them skill sets, and from there, we like to hire them. And if not, they will have the skill set and recommendations to work in pet services in other locations. It comes together really well. In 2015 we received a grant from JP Morgan Chase to expand our internship program so that we can help more kids.

We want to have a pet services school in Harlem. You know how they have a barbershop school and a beauty salon school…to be able to have a pet services school in Harlem is my dream. The industry is growing and there are not a lot of African Americans in this industry. We love animals and you can make a good income in this profession. 

Every year we also sponsor events in the community. Last year we helped sponsor Harlem Pride and every year we do the Halloween Custom Parade for Dogs and Humans on St. Nicholas.  A couple years ago, we did some events around “No Poop Left Behind” to educate the community on diseases and viruses that can spread from dogs to dogs or dogs to humans when poop isn’t picked up.  

I’m always involved in things that happen in Harlem and Hamilton Heights because I live here and I work here and I want to see our neighborhood grow.

For more info: https://harlemdoggiedayspa.com/