Businesses that Give Back

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Harlem Shake

Building our success is dependent on our investment in the community, so we make it a priority to hire residents of Harlem. 80% of our staff must be residents of the neighborhood so that we are consistent in following our motto; "for Harlem and from Harlem."



Tsion Cafe

This restaurant was Jimmy’s Chicken Shack—where Malcolm X and Red Fox met while working... We want to help revive the renaissance of Harlem by showcasing local art, poetry and music. That is how we retain the culture of Jimmy’s Chicken Shack.


Denny Moe's & H.U.G.S.

Through our 48 Hour Health Care and Haircutting marathon, we got 1500 people tested for a variety of diseases and illnesses while educating the community

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"Students basically graduate with a business degree" after completing an internship at BebéNoir. In addition to providing internship opportunities for local high-school students, BebéNoir sponsors events at Harlem's only Gifted and Talented School and is a proud sponsor of the People's Film Festival. Full story coming soon.

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Harlem Doggie Day Spa

We have a comprehensive training program for interns and we try to hire them for full-time jobs. We work with a lot of at-risk kids, and also summer youth programs--El Barrio, Henry Street, etc.                 

Branson's Got Juice

I’m from the community; I grew up here. I’ve been an entrepreneur around the neighborhood since I was a kid. So people know me, and they know my passion for helping our community eat healthier.


La Maison d'Art  

At least 50% of all artist in my exhibits are local...We also regularly provide our space for free to local non-profits, churches and schools. We’ve hosted anti-domestic violence and mental health events, and women empowerment groups.


MEGA Personalities 

When I talk to entrepreneurs, let's say barbers, I ask them if they own the shop...if they own the building the shop is in. I want to help them own the building! Through Harlem 2020 we encourage businesses to empower and educate themselves so they can grow to their potential.

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SAFE in Harlem

SAFE in Harlem is a 12 sector coalition of Harlem based organizations and city agencies designed to prevent substance use and abuse by teens and youth in the Central Harlem community. 

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B2 Harlem

B2 Harlem partnered with BMW to host an event that ultimately raised $10,00 for Iris House ( Harlem-based organization that provides comprehensive support to women, families and under served populations affected by HIV/AIDS.  B2 Harlem also offers internships to youth that have led to long-term employment.

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Harlem Skin & Lasers

Our partnership with the Koch Internship Program (KIP) provides high school students with opportunities in business management, aesthetics, marketing and promotion.

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Harlem Brewery

Coming from a family of community advocates in North Carolina, I gravitated towards a network of activist here in Harlem. There are many community activists that are very interested in preserving institutions in Harlem, so the importance of community has always been a big focus of the brand and my personal beliefs.

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Harlem Natural Hair Salon

In the past year our staff has volunteered their services to young women from an alternative high school. We get them prepared for prom season for free and provide them with natural hair styles for special occasions and everyday wear.