Denny Moe's / H.U.G.S. Movement


The Hire Harlem crew sat down with Marsha Bonner, founder of the H.U.G.S. Movement and the producer of the 48 Hour Healthcare and Haircutting Marathon: Cutting for A Cure—which are both programs ran out of Denny Moe's Superstar Barbershop in Harlem.

HH: Can you tell us about the 48 Hour hair cut and what you’re doing for the community?

The marathon is primarily designed to provide resources, guidance and information to the community. We do that in a number of ways—we have a summer stage (music concerts), we have comedy show, a barber battle, spoken word, and this is all happening over the course 48 hours. And the barbers are cutting for 48 hours! For the last marathon, the barbers provided free hair cuts for the ENTIRE period of time.

So we incentivized the community come out—close to 5,000 last year. So now they’re at our event—then what? We say, “Get tested.”  We tested over 1500 people for a variety of diseases and illnesses while educating the community. And this is all through Denny Moe's.

We want to help and we understand how to help our community. We know that we wont go to the doctor on our own volition—unless we are in dire pain. And even then we wait—we wait till our back are hurting so hard that we cant stand up. We wait till our pinky is about to fall off or that are stomachs hurt some bad we can’t eat.

What we are trying to do with cutting for a cure is get in front of these preventable diseases. And we can do that; it’s not that difficult. The next event will be in 2018 and we are really excited about it. This is our 5th season and we are really looking forward to it.

As I always say, it takes a village to raise a village up. And we at Denny Moe's are doing our part.

Denny Moe's also hosts a back to school drive and christmas toy drive.

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