Branson's Got Juice


The Hire Harlem crew sat down with Branson of Branson's Got Juice to talk Harlem, juice and kids.

What does it mean to be apart of the Harlem community?

 I’m from the community; I grew up here. I’ve been an entrepreneur around the neighborhood since I was a kid. So people know me, and they know my passion for helping our community eat healthier.

If we can educate the youth and start them eating healthy at a young age, then they stand a better chance of living a longer, healthier life. I believe my job is to provide a community service by giving a healthy alternative to many of the products being sold in the local grocery store. I want to help change our thought process about eating healthy.

When I was young, whenever we had a few extra dollars, we’d buy junk food—potato chips, cakes, etc. We didn’t have a lot of healthy options then. I watched family members suffer from diabetes and other illnesses that can be prevented from eating healthy. So I want to be a part of helping our demographic eat healthier.

How do you give back to the community?

We try to educate the community around eating healthy—especially the importance of ensuring young kids eat healthy. So one of the things we do is we provide healthy food and water for kids participating in Alley Mo’s basketball program.  We want to help change their thought process so they don’t want to ingest foods that are harmful to their bodies.

How can local businesses help the community?

Back when I was growing up, local stores would provide jobs for kids in the neighborhood.  You could even get short-term jobs like sweeping outside the store or running errands. These seemingly random community jobs gave kids a chance. We need to bring more jobs for neighborhood kids back.

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